where is my suit and tie? i’m headed to kartway….

30 09 2008

when it rains it pours in my thrifting world.  some days you can’t believe the jackpots you hit over and over and over.  and then there was today.  2 thrift stores and not a single dime spent.  zilch.  zippo.  zero.  it is a rare day when i walk out empty handed.  but alas, today was that day.  is this economy forcing the world to shop in my treasure havens?  and leaving me empty hearted carted?  well, i don’t like it.  took the scenic drive home from thrift store numero 2 and drove by an old nostalgic childhood stomping ground.  kartway.  the place to get an ice cream cone with jimmies and take a spin around the track (even though i’d get all nervousy in my gut every time i plopped into one of those go-karts.)  i don’t even know if this place is still up and running.  maybe in the summertime?  it was certainly closed up tight today and it’s showing its age, a little run down, but oh how i love these old weathered signs…….

flag dude is seriously happy.


it’s sunday night……

28 09 2008

and you know what that means.  don and i are having a little cocktail together. 


um, failure

25 09 2008

i don’t understand this expression, “the joy of cooking.”

seriously, my first batch of spice cakes came out perfectly.  perfect little loaves of spice.  today, today something went terribly wrong.  they’re verging on looking a little obscene, if ya catch what i’m saying. 

chips, explained

23 09 2008

this meal is pretty much one i have every day.  brown rice pasta salad.  snoozeola. 

put it on a chip and suddenly it’s a party….

hey, it’s fall

22 09 2008

went to change/wash sheets today and decided to go with the “fall” theme, since this is the first day of fall after all.   the good thing about being a thrift store addict, a.k.a. “accumulator,” a.k.a.  “hoarder” is that you forget about some good loot you purchased earlier in the summer.  went to the stack of sheets and lo and behold, some brand spankin’ new vintage flower-power fall-ish pillowcases.  sometimes it’s just christmas every day here when i forget about all the good stuff i’ve bought and stored. 

also went from blonde to brunette today to usher in the fall season.  the jury is still out on that decision.

good snackin’ once again…..

21 09 2008

i’ve been saddled with crazy food allergies for the past 3 years now.  cah-RAZY.  very limited diet.  my staples are rice, potatoes, eggs and tequila.  but the point being, i haven’t had a cookie or a piece of cake in 3 years (save for one DISMAL attempt at cookie making last winter.  that doesn’t count.)  3 years!!!  no birthday cake.  sadness.  until last month…..last month a friend of a friend told my friend to tell me about namaste foods.  it’s changed my life.  ok, well, my snackin’ life.  my dessert life.  and it’s bound to change my waistline shortly.  good thing?  bad thing?  oh, it’s definitely a good thing.  i’ll just incorporate a few more jumping jacks into the daily routine.  i’ve only tried a couple mixes so far and they both delivered.  may i now present gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, nut-free, potato-free, corn-free, dairy-free, casein-free carrot spice cake.  and a cup of black coffee. 

by the way, the friend who told me about these sweet little treats is celebrating a birthday today!  happy birthday, lisa!  and happy last day of summer!

ghost town

19 09 2008

y’ever need to laugh so bad you go to a morning matinee on a friday?  yah, me either. who does that?  a movie in the morning???  well, apparently i do now.  and it was just what the doctor (dentist) ordered.  i laughed, i cried, i laughed uncontrollably, really.  and i rarely do that watching a movie.  again, could be the hormones.  “ghost town.”  put it on your list.  i mean it.  ok, i mean it if you’re a 40-something bitter lonely soul who dislikes most people on a daily basis.  you’ll relate.  me?  i still related even though i have no idea what that last sentence meant.

boy oh boy, fall came ablastin’ in last night.  broke out the ol’ thrifted patchwork knitted afghan i found in maine over the summer.  my tribute to granny chic.  i think it’s also time to change out the springtime quilt for the down comforter.  i am not mentally prepared for cold.  also time to bring this bad boy planter in for the fall or it could face certain doom tonight. brrrrrrr.