ashiatsu (oriental bar therapy)

14 09 2008

whoa.  i just finished up a 3 day intro course to ashiatsu oriental bar therapy and it kicked my scrawny little as*.  i’m plum tuckered.  but it was loads of fun with a brilliant, entertaining teacher, sarah,  and i met some wonderful fellow classmates.  a good social outing for me, since i’ve become a social recluse of sorts.  and what better way to celebrate the completion of a barefoot massage course?  oh, i think you know…..

it may seem as if i like the drink an awful lot, and don’t get me wrong, i do – but only in small quantities –  as a reward for just getting through each and every day.   and c’mon, i went three whole days without consuming a single ounce of booze……like i said, this course kicked me to the CORE.  i was too exhausted to twist a cork by the time class ended each day.  all i wanted was my pillows and my cubbies*.  zzzzzzzzz.   tonight, however, tonight i may be able to stay awake past 9 PM.  heck, there’s a new “mad men” episode to watch.  mandatory viewing.  no excuses. and don draper can keep any gal awake…….lawd, he’s easy on the eyes….. 














*family slang for “covers”



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