ghost town

19 09 2008

y’ever need to laugh so bad you go to a morning matinee on a friday?  yah, me either. who does that?  a movie in the morning???  well, apparently i do now.  and it was just what the doctor (dentist) ordered.  i laughed, i cried, i laughed uncontrollably, really.  and i rarely do that watching a movie.  again, could be the hormones.  “ghost town.”  put it on your list.  i mean it.  ok, i mean it if you’re a 40-something bitter lonely soul who dislikes most people on a daily basis.  you’ll relate.  me?  i still related even though i have no idea what that last sentence meant.

boy oh boy, fall came ablastin’ in last night.  broke out the ol’ thrifted patchwork knitted afghan i found in maine over the summer.  my tribute to granny chic.  i think it’s also time to change out the springtime quilt for the down comforter.  i am not mentally prepared for cold.  also time to bring this bad boy planter in for the fall or it could face certain doom tonight. brrrrrrr. 





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