where is my suit and tie? i’m headed to kartway….

30 09 2008

when it rains it pours in my thrifting world.  some days you can’t believe the jackpots you hit over and over and over.  and then there was today.  2 thrift stores and not a single dime spent.  zilch.  zippo.  zero.  it is a rare day when i walk out empty handed.  but alas, today was that day.  is this economy forcing the world to shop in my treasure havens?  and leaving me empty hearted carted?  well, i don’t like it.  took the scenic drive home from thrift store numero 2 and drove by an old nostalgic childhood stomping ground.  kartway.  the place to get an ice cream cone with jimmies and take a spin around the track (even though i’d get all nervousy in my gut every time i plopped into one of those go-karts.)  i don’t even know if this place is still up and running.  maybe in the summertime?  it was certainly closed up tight today and it’s showing its age, a little run down, but oh how i love these old weathered signs…….

flag dude is seriously happy.




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