one’th of the month

1 10 2008

happy october.  here is the way i celebrate the one’th of the month.

 who am i kidding?  this is how i celebrate every day of the month.  ‘cept for that there shrimp.  that’s a lark.  hit a bargain at stop & shop and splurged.  tomorrow it’ll just be chips and a pretty drink.  supper of the fittest.  finest.  lazy.




6 responses

2 10 2008
lori cote

very much enjoying your blog. LOVE the coaster

2 10 2008

right??? i’ve managed to collect a few pear things. more apples than pears, but love the pears…

4 10 2008

Remember the glasses Nanny used to have with the cars on them? Just like your placemat…

4 10 2008

WE had glasses like that!! in massachusetts.

6 10 2008

Didn’t Nanny have them, too?

6 10 2008

i dunno, prolly. i just remember dad using the HUGE one to make those vanilla ice cream/orange soda concoctions of deliciousness…

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