october two’th

2 10 2008

how weird is it that i call the second day of the each month the “two’th” which is a homonym for “tooth” and i actually got a call TODAY (a thursday) from my DENTIST to confirm a tuesday appointment?  what’s weird about it is not the two’th/tooth/dentist connection.  what’s weird is that i actually got a phone call.  from a person.  not an automated message saying your 75,000 mile scheduled car maintenance is due.

seriously.  i gotta get out more.

and because i’d rather not post without including a photo, here’s a pretty picture of a pretty drink, a lemon drop martini, complete with a sugar rim.  dentist won’t like that sugar rim. 

and oh, btw, birthday greetings going out to an old friend in colorado, emily.  and when i say old…




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