the trouble with vintage…

3 10 2008

is it’s old.  look at this cute little lamp.  it was up there in my “favs” category.  i’ve read warnings about the wiring in these old lamps.  did i heed them?  of course not.  it was working fine.  and no, i didn’t burn the house down.  thank goodness i was home when the lightbulb started to fade in and out and then eventually go dark.  and the bulb itself wasn’t even burned out.  there’s something going on in its innards.  the guts.  regardless, it’s lights out for this lamp now and there’s no easy way to replace her.  the hunt goes on.  although i hear it’s no big deal to re-wire old lamps.  DAD!!!  i’ve got a project or two for you.  or 12.  wait a minute, it might be 20.




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4 10 2008

I’m pretty sure that’s a turkey…

4 10 2008

my first instinct was turkey. then i thought, “peacock?” shoulda’ saved the bird for a t-giving post. then someone would’ve said, “why’d you post a peacock on thanksgiving?”

4 10 2008

Okay, I did a LITTLE research, and it seems to me that a peacock would have had the feather part MUCH, MUCH LARGER, but then, the body seems a little small for a turkey. Maybe it’s just bad art, but it’s got me thinking…

4 10 2008

bad art? it’s beautiful art. beautiful art from finland. beautiful art that some girl “karen” gave up after her friends in finland gave this to her (written on bottom of bird.) karen’s loss is my turkey gain.

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