about hoarding….

6 10 2008

so, last night just before i’m settling in to watch my sunday evening must-view TV, i happened to catch a program on TLC called, “help, i’m a hoarder!”  now, i didn’t catch the entire episode, but what i DID see kinda sorta hit home.  a woman was getting evicted from her apartment due to it being a fire and safety hazard from all the stuff she has accumulated.  ok, i’m NOWHERE as bad as this woman, and i’m not getting evicted, but i gotta tell ya, i’ve got a room in my apartment that is supposed to be a bedroom and it’s not.  it’s strictly storage, with a nice little path carved out to the door as my second entrance. it’s piled HIGH with junk beautiful things i’m planning to use in my future imaginary home.  and it ain’t pretty.  apparently these people (on the TV show) hire professional organizers and get therapy and do stuff i can’t be bothered doing.  but truly, it gave me pause.  and so today i thought long and hard about it.  all my STUFF. EVERYTHING.  everything i’ve acquired over the past couple, few, several years.  and after all that thinking, i went thrifting.  word has it this hoarding disorder is not cured overnight.  i can’t explain the giddiness i feel when i enter a store.  but it is PURE JOY, my friend.   tell me, if you were a LEO and you grew up in the 70s, how could you resist THIS?  i don’t want to see anyone rolling their eyes, kelly.


it’s a bank.  an awesome pink leo the lion bank.  and it’s all mine. 

got a pretty good haul of fun stuff, small things.  nothing that takes up lots of space – to be featured later, i’m sure.  the hoarding blood courses through my veins and i got a good fix today.



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