i had to.

7 10 2008

whodathunk i’d have snagged 4 of the most (potentially) beautiful danish modern dining chairs today?  not me.  after having worked briefly this morning and then a dentist appointment in the afternoon, i moseyed into a thrift store near my dentist’s office.  and i was happy to have scored a teak tray for a dollar and a vintage rosti soup ladle for 50¢.  and then i thought, heck, i’m in the area, i’ll go to this other thrift store i don’t get to visit regularly anymore.  when i walked into the back room i swear i heard angels singing.  oh, i can find one danish chair here and another chair there, but never a SET of chairs.  and there before me were four chairs and i really really really love the shape of them.  simple danish design.  the upholstery however is HIDEOUS.  10 clams each.  a smokin’ good deal.  of course, there’s that little problem of mine of having absolutely ZERO room to store these.  details.  i’ll figure that out on my next day off.  here’s one crummy picture of one of them.  the sun was going down and it’s a little dark. 




3 responses

10 10 2008

But not too dark to see that your plant is still out on the porch! Brrrrr. That zoom feature is intense!

19 10 2008
lori cote


19 10 2008

aren’t they they greatest??? total score.

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