8 10 2008

i’ve read this quote on a couple blogs somewhere –

 “have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  – william morris

mr. morris might be a little disappointed in me cuz, really, what the heck are these things i’ve bought?  i would venture to say, “ok, beautiful maybe, but useful?”  i don’t even know what that double-headed fork is all about.  but it’s heavy and seemed like good quality and is made in england.  and “made in england” trumps “made in china” any day of the week.  sure, i’ll take it.

and what do you suppose the intended purpose of this teak bowl was?  you don’t put soup in it, do you?  is it just a handled teak trinket bowl?  is that it?  well, it is now. 


and then there’s this…..i’m assuming it’s a little teapot for one, with a creamer that sits on top.  it looked like a hornsea design to me, but it wasn’t marked.  and maybe there should be a cover on top of the creamer?  i’m not sure though.  well, at this point it doesn’t matter, because no sooner had i taken this pic than i knocked the thing over and it chipped.  aaarrrgghhhh.  oh darn.  i did think it was kinda pretty.  now it’s just JUNK.



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