christmas magic

10 10 2008

returned those impractical boots and ridiculously overpriced cashmere scarf today.  they were impulse buys and i certainly don’t need either one.  stopped into the local goodwill on way home from parting ways with my boots and scarf, although i should mention i replaced them with practical(ish) boots and a cheaper scarf.  but back to goodwill.  you never know what kind of *gift* you’ll uncover in goodwill.  and today, it was “christmas magic,” by margaret perry.  a book from 1964 which features ALL KINDS of wicked fun christmas ornaments and how to make them yourself.  and what’s wild is it’s ALL based on scandinavian christmas celebrations.  you’d never know that from reading the cover.  you’d also never know from the cover how COOL the inside is.  i can’t wait to get crafty.  some very mod stuff, actually.  if i get started now i might actually finish something by the holiday…

i tried to add pics from the book but when i scanned them and added to my post, they were HUGE.  i don’t get this at all.  i scanned the book cover and that came out fine.  what gives?  maybe another day…




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