magnificent wine

14 10 2008

i’m not really a wine drinker anymore.  i go straight to the tequila aisle and then straight to the potato vodka aisle.  them’s my bevs of choice.  but i attended a small dinner party last night (gorgeous old home w/LOADS of charm, btw) and opted to bring a bottle of vino rather than bring the “kit” (shaker, cutting board, limes, tequila, triple sec, salt, blah blah) to make cocktails.  and i’m a sucker for marketing.  since i don’t buy wine all that often, i just had to buy this bottle of red for the label only.  and it was reasonably priced.  i’d want to share a bottle with the clever people who do the marketing for this company.  the people from magnificent wine.  they strike me as fun.  and since it’s been a beautiful fall here, here’s a pic of some autumn leaves on autumn trees.  red wine and fall just seem to go together.  in a cabin.  on a lake.  with a fire.  with some potato chips.  with a signifcant other.  oops, dreaming again. 

and oh yah, bought gas for less than $3 a gallon!!!  things are looking up?



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