house for sale.

17 10 2008

my favoritest house just came on the market.  i took a pic of this house years ago and said, “if this house ever goes up for sale, i’m buying it no matter what.”  well, it’s for sale.  and it’s (relatively speaking) cheap.  located in a high falutin’ old money tony new england ‘hood.  a big step up from the shopping cart alley ‘hood where i currently reside.  unfortch, it’s still a little a LOT out of my reach.  but if ever i was meant to have a house, this is the one….

i’m buying a powerball ticket.



2 responses

19 10 2008
lori cote

oh this one kills you doesn’t it. it will be for sale for a very very very long time.

19 10 2008

this KILLS me. i mean, who coulda’ predicted THIS HOUSE for sale? THIS ONE? i wonder if i could get a private investor to help me buy it.

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