home again.

23 10 2008

roadtrip to maine was picture perfect on the drive up.  the foliage was especially beautiful here, where i stocked up on supplies.

then the following two days were a mix of rainy and windy and raw.  the drive home was not nearly as pretty.

dad wants my sister and i to buy some land up there and build a couple small homes, build a compound if you will.  he took me by a house he had in mind, a cute little thing up the road a spell where he hopped out of the car and talked to the builders….they were building some type of candy store, replicating an old one room schoolhouse.  16′ x 24′.  384 SF total.  i dunno.  tempting.  but do-able?  sure.  i could live in one, possibly.  but what about a craft studio?  and how about a room to do massage?  i’d need several of these buildings.   the builders said it would cost $20 per SF to build (which = $7680.)  seems awfully cheap.  this would only be the shell, of course.  dad said to double that with the well, septic, etc.  and then of course, there’s that small matter of finding land.  but i swear, everyone in maine knows someone.  someone with a couple acres to sell.  a builder.  a guy to drill your well.  and dad’s an electrician.  connections.  they’ve all got connections.  i’ve got ZERO connections here.  it is oh-so-tempting.   

maine.  it’s a completely different lifestyle than what i’m accustomed to.  i’m gonna have to sleep on this one.

sister thinks we could raise chickens.  here’s some wild turkeys in dad’s yard.  and him feeding them.  cute, huh?  now picture me feeding chickens.  can you see it?  can you?  somehow i never saw my destiny similar to the “baldwin sisters” from the show “the waltons,” sipping on moonshine and raising chickens in my latter years.   


and, just because it was there, here’s a sign for you, lori. 




3 responses

23 10 2008
Team LLD

aaahhhhh, so this is where ya been all week!

24 10 2008
lori cote

cute house…and…you’re gonna get rid of all your stuff?
thanks for the “cote” shout out!

1 11 2008

That price for the shell does seem really cheap. I’m paying $20k for a shell in Costa Rica… it’s bigger (about 1500 square feet) but then again labor is $1.20 an hour. If you do need a contact, give Andrew Perry a call (or I could give him a call for an intro). Remember him? He’s still one of my best friends and is President of First Federal so he’s up on all kinds of stuff like that.

Hi Kelly if you are reading this!


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