30 11 2008

back home from the potato state.  not idaho.  the other one.  the love potato state.dscf0210_edited

the thanksgiving feast was dee-lish where i enjoyed the traditional thanksgiving lobster and i also my sister baked a pie.  i couldn’t eat it, but it sure smelled good.  i smelled it a LOT.  no calories in smelling. dscf0209_edited

looks like we’re getting our first snow of the season.  i’m not sure this really counts as snow, but it was on my windshield when i went out this morning.  kinda lame, really.  dscf0211

and it being (fake) winter and all, this means the holidays are approaching and this means we’re in for some good decorating and this means the debut appearance in the holiday decor from the one-armed swede.  i swear on a stack of people magazines when i picked her up at the flea market last year, i swear she had 2 arms.  why would i buy a one-armed swede?  but when i unwrapped her, lo and behold, one arm.  somewhere, somehow from the time i found her to the time i gave her to the guy to purchase, she lost an arm.  but i’ve grown to love her.  missing limb and all.  she seems so happy.dscf0212_edited


a week of birds

27 11 2008

chickens, roosters, and now back to the turkey….dscf0200

this is the mid century lamp i replaced my cool busted retro globe lamp with.  it’s a good replacement, right?  kinda has the same vibe as my most amazing thrift find ever, the ever famous $3 franco albini ottoman, found earlier this year.franco-albini-ottoman-3

and no, i don’t keep it on my outdoor porch.  i know you jealous thieves would drive by and swipe it.

happy thanksgiving, peeps!dscf0206


26 11 2008

how could i write that last post about chickens without a nod to the martini drinking rooster?  for shame.dscf0203_editeddscf0202

couldja’ just die?


23 11 2008

i’ve got chickens on the brain.  found a couple pieces of this chicken/hen/rooster/whatever pattern in goodwill.  and that little juice glass – about a year or so ago i found 2 of these.  then i broke one.  and then several months later i found 2 more.  so i was up to 3.  and now i’ve found one more, so i have a complete set of 4.  yah, cuz it’s so important i have 4 rooster juice glasses, when i’ve got a gazillion other juice glasses.  who drinks that much juice?  what’s WRONG with me?dscf0196_edited

the lengths i will go…

21 11 2008

…for one stinkin’ cocktail.  bundled up and braved the cold weather to buy fresh ingredients for a SPICY cocktail.  i’ve got the season 2 season finale of “dexter” to watch tonight on DVD and i wanted a very special drink to celebrate with.  dscf0194

needed a fresh chile and a fresh grapefruit (and a fresh lime – i always have those on hand, and always have fruit flies on hand as well.  grrr, they drive me bats.)  made up a batch of EASY simple syrup for this concoction also.  it’s called a “patrón silver spice” and it’s actually quite scrumptious.  look at this, DOUBLE straining as the recipe calls for.  (if you need the recipe, it’s on patrón’s website….)dscf0195

also stopped into the local goodwill and picked up ONE handsome setting of stainless flatware from holland.  it’s GORGEOUS.  but there was only ONE place setting.  it’s a darn good thing i live alone.dscf0193


20 11 2008

computer virus is gone.  good.

massage traffic is also gone.  mmm.  not so good.  (?)  no work today and this marks the slowest week i’ve had since going full-time at the casino. 

and did i look for an additional job today on my unexpected day off?  no, of course not.  i spent a boat load of time on the computer, hassle-free/virus-free. 

and i played some more with the fabric paint.  inspired by the placemats in lotta jansdotter’s “simple sewing” book, i stamped up a little fabric to make a pillow, eventually.dscf0190

the blue looks OK.dscf0185

the yellow not so much. dscf0189ya’ win some.  ya’ lose some.  now i’m gonna make a wicked good margarita with some *gifted* silver patrón.  i never fail when it comes to a silver patrón marg.


18 11 2008

crud.  i may have gone and gotten my computer a virus.  will be away from the computer for awhile while i figure stuff out.  dscf0154viking dude is awfully cute, huh?  but his shield and spear can’t save me from the computer viruses.  darn.  he’s a new addition to the bathroom shelf and quite frankly, he’s the only guy who sees me naked these days.dscf0155