vote day!

4 11 2008

started the day with some democrat coffee.dscf0144

ok, it’s just a donkey charm sitting on the edge of my coffee cup.  there’s no special “blend” of democrat coffee. 

voting was NOT the nightmare for me it seemed to be for folks across the country.  no long lines.  i got in.  i got out.  and most importantly, i got my sticker. dscf0147 

and then i made the mistake of checking out a couple houses for sale.  the first one, not bad, really.  big ol’ house.  doesn’t seem to have any parking, which seems to be a running theme in the town i live.  but house #2, why why why did i attempt to drive by house #2?  it was on a road in another district where voting was taking place and there was limited parking for voters.  traffic was BAD.  and on top of that, there was some kind of crane accident, a construction accident in that same vicinity that detoured all traffic onto this already highly congested road.  i was all, “what the?????”  anyway, i opted to forget about doing a driveby for house #2, but all these detours forced me to drive a bajillion miles out of my way to get back home.  went to a goodwill since i was ALL THE WAY OUT THERE, found 6 cute glasses and wouldn’tchaknowit…..the line to check out was as backed up as the traffic on rt. 12.  so i put the glasses back, went to the liquor store and bought some fake champagne to celebrate a new president.dscf01481dscf01491  

so all was not lost.   and of course, what is election day without a guest appearance from the all important vintage donkey glass?  i poured some of my $9 “champagne” into the oh-so-awesome donkey glass and the effect just wasn’t there.  not enough bubbles.  just looks like a donkey glass with water. 

and now i’m gonna settle in and catch up on “dexter.”  escape these politics for a minute or two.


UPDATE:  looks like i picked the right charms for my bevs today.



One response

5 11 2008
lori cote

only you…only you…could find a vintage donkey class. adorable. if i wasn’t so giddy i’d be wicked jealous

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