post election

6 11 2008

coincidence?  i don’t know, but since obama has been elected, my economy has improved.  massage biz picked up at the casino on a wednesday night and EVERYONE tipped.  and then outta the blue, i got a phone call from a massage office where i work on occasion and someone has requested me.  after several years.  the timing! 

also – i am brand spankin’ new to health insurance.  i don’t know the rules.  went in for my second dental cleaning because i was told i could have two per year.  didn’t know they had to be EXACTLY 6 months apart.  and so i was charged.  so i called and asked about the charge.  and this is when i was told about the 6 month stipulation.  seemed pretty sneaky to me, but as i was told by a friend, i need to be an informed client.  my bad.  ugh.  consider me informed now.  and then lo and behold, the day after the election, the receptionist at the dentist office called me and waived the cleaning charge.  i’ll be darned.   you’ve got to understand, this stuff NEVER HAPPENS TO ME.  i’m the gal who gets pulled over for doing 27 in a 25 MPH speed zone.  true story.  i’m the gal who gets a parking ticket for having 2 wheels on the pavement (barely) when parking on a side road in some hick colorado town and i was only parked for a couple minutes.  apparently you’re supposed to be ALL THE WAY off the road, none of your wheels can touch pavement.  fast forward to a couple days later when the town is having a big hoop-de-doo celebration.  cars EVERYWHERE parked illegally.  for HOURS.  but me for 2 minutes cost me $25.  anyway, i’m thankful i don’t have to pay the $70 for a cleaning.  it was feeling like a speeding ticket to me.  wasted money.  but now i’ve got that money back.  and the world is good again.  dscf0116

(pic of my antique mini globe pencil sharpener, and other assorted awesome goodness.  i get the best loot, i tell ya.  my mini world is okay today.)  now excuse me while i go knock some wood.




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