7 11 2008

i like being surprised.  i like going into a movie theater and watching a movie without knowing what the movie is about.  i like receiving a card or letter in my mailbox without someone saying, “did you get what i sent you?”  and i’m pretty fortunate to have had a good amount of seriously fun surprises in my lifetime.  truly.  and yet on the other hand, i get annoyed when i’m paid a visit by an unexpected, unannounced caller on my precious days off when i don’t feel like showering and ONLY want to lounge around in my ugliest sweatpants in between watching HGTV uninterrupted and napping, thankyouverylittle.  but back to good surprises.  today i received an email from my partner in crime, my BFF from my sophomore year in high school (before i was whisked away to another state to finish my remaining high school years – another sad story i’ll save for another time.  today is all about happy times.)  what a treat!  life should be more full of sweet little surprises like this one.  it’s been 32 years (!) since i’ve corresponded with this woman.  anyway, i’ve had a smile on my face ever since opening her email.  (she found me through another mutual friend on facebook.)

hopped over to the local goodwill to see what was what today and bought this silhouette-y framed picture because it spoke to me for some reason.  dscf0151googled her (lauren w. field, esq) and there wasn’t much other than she died suddenly and unexpectedly in new york in 2002.  and she also made lots of campaign contributions to the democratic party.  interesting.  and mysterious.



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