today’s word of the day: ginger

10 11 2008

i give you:  cheeto soup.dscf01532

ok, not really.  it’s homemade carrot ginger soup.  ok, not really.  it’s from a box.  but i threw in some long-cooking brown rice, so technically, it’s partially homemade.  alright, no it’s not.  it’s boxed soup with rice.  let’s call it what it is.

it being fall and all, i thought today would be a good day to re-visit the ginger martini.  and this is where i slave in the kitchen.  i’ve got to chop up ginger and peel a lemon, for cryin’ out loud.  dscf0158_edited1

and then, if i had a food processor, i’d whir it up into tiny bits.  but i only have a blender.  and a blender actually does the job, really.  but alas, somehow i manage to screw it up.  so i whir.  and then i transfer some of the pulp i’ve whirred into a pot because the blender gets jammed up with too much ginger in there.  and i do so by removing the bottom of the blender and scooping the pulp from there, while keeping the top on.  and then, as i’m transferring the blender glass upside down with the top on, the top falls off (of course) and leaves me with this:  dscf01591

disaster.  ginger and lemon all over the floor.  thank goodness i had most of it in my pot by now.  but seriously, is anything ever easy?  nope.  it never is.  it’s always a project.  but here is the ginger syrup simmering…..dscf01601

and here it is with the lid half on as the instructions called for, and as i forgot to do for the first several minutes.  but let’s pause for a moment and reflect on this AWESOME POT i found at goodwill.  how much are you loving this design?!?!?dscf01611

and here is the syrup being strained into yet another pot.dscf01621

ahhhhh, the finished organic ginger simple (ha) syrup in a vintage “ours” mini pitcher.  no laughing out there over the “ours” pitcher.  some day, people, some day there’ll be an “ours.”  some day!!!  (again, got this at goodwill and goodwill shoppers can’t be choosy.  there was no “all mine”  or “all alone” pitcher.  i take what i get.)dscf01642

and finally, FINALLY, the finished product, the fall ginger martini.dscf01651

worth the wait?

of course it was worth the wait.




2 responses

11 11 2008

“ours” makes perfect sense to me (us).

11 11 2008

ok, now, that’s just funny.

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