skinny mashed potatoes

11 11 2008

i’ve never made mashed potatoes.  like, ever.  maybe, maybe there was one year back in ’89 when a thanksgiving meal was cooked, and maybe, maybe i cooked some mashed potatoes.  but i can’t be sure it was me who cooked the potatoes.  yesterday i found a recipe for “skinny mashed potatoes” and so i printed out the recipe.  and basically it’s this (quick, grab a pen and paper):  chicken stock and potatoes.  and some pepper.  i opted for organic vegetable stock and red potatoes.  so today i made some and i can’t believe how UNBELIEVABLY simple it was.  easier than that ginger simple syrup (see yesterday’s post,) fo’ sho’.  i heart mashed potatoes.  here’s a pic of the potatoes cooking in another amazing enamel pot (from austria) i found at goodwill.  my cookware is so style-y.  dscf0168




2 responses

13 11 2008

Sooo how’d they come out? that’s a few less ingredients than mine – tates, lots ‘o butta, cream cheese, sour cream, cream and garlic salt…..

13 11 2008

yours would have me in an ambulance straight to the ER. currently, i’m in starch overload cuz i’ve consumed that entire batch (not to mention it’s the perfect food to scoop up w/potato chips.) potatoes on potatoes. does it get better?

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