reason #132 to buy a house

13 11 2008

the evening i was signing the lease to the apartment where i live now, i was told by the landlord, “and oh by the way, you can’t hang anything on the walls, no new holes.”  the bubble cloud above my head was all, “wait…what?!?!  nothing on the walls????”  but alas, i had given notice at my old apartment and was determined to save money on this less expensive apartment to buy a house. 

the other day i was talking to my sister about an HGTV modern cottage makeover and she said, “did you see that lamp?  it had a WOODEN lampshade!”  i hadn’t watched the entire episode and didn’t know the deets on the lampshade, but i blurted out, “I HAVE AN INCREDIBLE WOODEN LAMPSHADE!!!!”  actually, it’s this gorgeous swedish wall-mounted sconce.  the key words being “wall-mounted.”  and since i can’t poke holes into my plaster walls, my pretty little sconce sits in a box.  criminal.dscf0170

it gives off the prettiest reddish glow when lit, (not to mention my skin looks radiant and youthful and vibrant and dewy and fresh and wrinkle-free,) but my camera skills couldn’t capture the red glow.  nor could they capture my wrinkle-free face.   and while i’m at it, here is yet another danish modern white metal wall-mounted lamp that also sits in a box.  dscf0172

these would look so good next to a bed or over a chair in my imaginary reading nook. 

til then, it’s back in the box you go.




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