dodged a bullet

14 11 2008

…and by bullet, i mean skunk.  (in my ‘hood, “bullet” could actually mean bullet.)  hopped outside last night at 10 PM to move my car and found myself 2 feet from a skunk.  it didn’t take me long to hop back inside.  and by hop i mean LEAP.  dscf0176dscf0174_editeddscf0175

ok, these pictures STINK (pun intended) but that ol’ fight or flight syndrome had kicked in and i don’t think i was holding the camera too steadily.  the last pic is of him about 10 feet away, but he was LITERALLY right at the bottom of my stairs and off to the right when i initially went outside.  how stupid brave was i to try and get a snapshot of him?  dude is beefy, too.  i lucked out, no tomato juice bath for me.

speaking of black and white things….i picked up this cute, casual black and white vintage coat (and it came with a matching skirt, but i don’t think i have any use for that.  the ladies had tiny tiny waists and curvy curvy hips back in the day and that is not exactly my body type.)dscf0178dscf0177

so, yah, it’s got a busted button that resembles pac·man.  i went to jo-ann’s just to see if there were any buttons that came close to matching and one button was $4.50.  for a button???  i’m totally out of the button loop.   so now my search is on for a vintage black coat button.  i swear, sometimes these bargains of mine are complete headaches and wastes of time.  til then, i suppose i can disguise the pac·man button with a scarf.  there are times when i want to look stylishly chic and just end up looking homeless and sad.




2 responses

17 11 2008

You could move the broken button to the top maybe. I like that coat. How does it smell?

17 11 2008

surprisingly, there’s no smell. found a similar button at flea mkt yesterday, it’s a smidge smaller, but it’ll do. and have i sewed it on yet? nope.

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