the lengths i will go…

21 11 2008

…for one stinkin’ cocktail.  bundled up and braved the cold weather to buy fresh ingredients for a SPICY cocktail.  i’ve got the season 2 season finale of “dexter” to watch tonight on DVD and i wanted a very special drink to celebrate with.  dscf0194

needed a fresh chile and a fresh grapefruit (and a fresh lime – i always have those on hand, and always have fruit flies on hand as well.  grrr, they drive me bats.)  made up a batch of EASY simple syrup for this concoction also.  it’s called a “patrón silver spice” and it’s actually quite scrumptious.  look at this, DOUBLE straining as the recipe calls for.  (if you need the recipe, it’s on patrón’s website….)dscf0195

also stopped into the local goodwill and picked up ONE handsome setting of stainless flatware from holland.  it’s GORGEOUS.  but there was only ONE place setting.  it’s a darn good thing i live alone.dscf0193




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