snowly cow!

31 12 2008

dscf0269yikes.  we got hit fast and furiously with the snow today.  i had to work.  but there’s nothing like massaging all night long, only to come home to zero parking due to sub-par plowing, and having to shovel out a parking space for a half hour before i could come in and have a celebratory champagne cocktail.  my life stinks sometimes.  not to mention the cable to my cable TV in my bedroom gave out on me yesterday and i can’t get a repairman ’til monday, meaning i can’t sleep in my bedroom due to the fact i can’t sleep without the TV on.  so i’m sleeping in the living room.  and it’s not so bad really.

anyway, i really really really need a happy new year. 

fingers crossed – happy new year!!!!!   arrivederci 2008!   sayonara!  hello 2009!  please, oh please, let’s make it a good one…


holy windy

30 12 2008

aye yie yie, was it ever windy out today!  and when you combine gale force winds with garbage day….

i took back roads to get to a  movie theater today and empty garbage cans were coming at me from the left and empty recyling bins were coming at me from the right.   and then just throw in a few tree branches to make things interesting.  it was a garbage can slalom.  honestly, i saw a recycling bin flying down the road at warp speed.  craziness.

filled up an empty water bottle with champagne and packed up my veggie chips and hit an afternoon matinee of “doubt.”  i’m the classiest gal i know.  the following story is no lie.  yesterday’s movie going experience was perfect.  and we all know i can’t have perfection 2 days in a row.  today, i am ALL ALONE in a row of 4, no-one in front of me, no-one behind me, i’ve taken the 2nd seat in.  the previews are done, the movie has just started when this HUGE shadow looms right next to me and proceeds to walk right into me.  just plowed right into my legs.  i’m all, “HELLO?!?!” 

     “oops, sorry, i didn’t see you.” 

so, turns out it’s two HUGE women.  they opt to sit in the empty row directly behind me.   and the other woman bops me in the back of the head while she’s sitting down.   i may have gotten a neck adjustment.   i let slip a loud “jeezus,” which seemed appropriate for the movie.   

     “oops, sorry ’bout that.” 

then they started talking and eating and chewing to the point where i thought i would kill them, but instead i just gathered up my champagne and chips and blanket and hat and pocketbook and made my way clear across the theater, completely isolated from anyone.  and i was able to relax and enjoy my movie in PEACE AND QUIET AND SAFE FROM HARM’S WAY.   the movie is good stuff.  and that’s all i’m saying.  everyone will get an oscar nomination (and yes, i know, it’s been said a million times already.)  but they will.  i’m jinxing myself, but i love it when i see 2 good movies in a row. 

heard an old lyle lovett song on the radio today as i was dodging the garbage cans and recycling bins and tree branches which has prompted me to post this photo of a handmade xmas tree ornament i made of lyle lovett from a shell i found in the hamptons, dahling.  enjoy.dscf0266


29 12 2008

have i mentioned i love mondays?  well, i do.  it’s my day off and I LOVE IT.  saw an early showing of “marley and me,” and despite me thinking it would be an annoying dog movie, i thoroughly enjoyed it.  really, truly.  totally recommend. 

picked up a couple things at goodwill today (and would’ve gotten a couple more, but man – some employee with the pricing gun is getting a little outrageous with some items, and by some items, i mean the ones i want to buy.)  this came home with me, a brightly colored swedish kitchen wall hanging with cool graphics:dscf0262_edited1as did this, another swedish wall hanging, a calendar of sorts, and yet, it doesn’t make sense.  i don’t get it.  again, the graphics appealed to me and in the bag it went.dscf0263_edited1 what am i missing?  maybe that’s why this one was a dollar cheaper than the other….

in honor of winter

28 12 2008


christmas menu

25 12 2008

“i’ll have 2 poached eggs with a side of hamm.  christmas hamm.  hold the eggs.”christmas-hamm2

merry christmas.


23 12 2008

that pretty much sums up my past week.  it started off bad and snowballed into worse.  nothing horrible, but just aggravating and annoying and bad timing.  dscf0258

i’ve got “shovel arm.”  it’s kinda like carpal tunnel only 1000x worse.  10 seconds before this storm hit i went out to my car with a couple boxes to bring to goodwill.  and as luck would have it, my key would not turn in the ignition.  and i replaced the ignition cylinder just a couple years ago.  oh this car has brought me nothing but grief.  i think i am solely responsible for keeping ford from bankruptcy with my repair bills.  but whatev.  let’s get back to my arms.  i shoveled my car out of this mess for an hour and a half, only to have the plow come by and snow me right back in.  and so i shoveled some more the next morning.  and even more the morning after that.  and here is my car 4 days later being  taken back to the expensive ford doctor. dscf0260

the good news is i didn’t shovel today.  but my arms still ache like the dickens.  like, bad.  there’s no point to this story other than i want to complain about my sore arms. 

and while i’ve got snow on the brain, here are some thrifted flannel sheets i donned my bed with today, bought over the summer for $9.  they’re from target, brand-spankin’ new, kinda too “theme-y” for my taste, but i suppose they fit right in for winter and the way it came blasting in and hitting us right over the head.dscf0246


i’ll probably have snow nightmares.

monkeys with canes

17 12 2008

some christmas monkeys hangin’ around –