red and green

4 12 2008

yup, it’s that time of the year.  christmas time.  and i normally LOVE it.  i do love it.  but try as i might, i cannot conjure up that ol’ christmas spirit.  i don’t have a clever christmas card idea dancing around in my brain. i don’t have a cute-as-heck christmas craft project dancing around in my brain.  i guess the “biggie don’t-have” is a house.  i swore to myself last year i would own my own home by christmas this year.  i didn’t want to be in this apartment AGAIN for christmas.  but oh well.  i’m here.  and i suppose i will just get my jollies by making all of you GREEN WITH ENVY over my great christmas decor.  dscf0220jealous?  are you drinking your morning coffee out of a plain ol’ coffee cup?  well, i’ve got the complete set of 4 awesome vintage christmas mugs to drink out of.  see how full and complete my life is? 

and not to overwhelm you with awesomeness, but i can’t help but make you jealous of my christmas bouquet.  the christmas bouquet of reindeer pokey sticks.  of creepy-faced reindeer pokey sticks.  dscf0217



that’s it for today….




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