typical day in the life

12 12 2008

slept HARD after an unexpected evening of 5 massages at the otherwise deadly slow casino spa.  slept til 9:00 AM…i NEVER sleep that late.  but i was up with energy.  did laundry, got a workout in, took a shower and was out the door at 12:40 for a 40-ish minute drive to the madison art cinema to catch the 1:30 showing of “slumdog millionaire.”  and did i make it?  of course not.  i arrived in town at 1:25 and for the LIFE OF ME could not find a parking spot.  i circled around town a couple times, FINALLY found a spot, checked the clock, it was 1:36.  RAN to the theater, figured i was safe due to previews.  and of course OF COURSE, the art cinema only shows one preview.  i flew into the theater and said to the ticket sellers, “did i make it?  am i on time for slumdog?” 

“nope, started a few minutes ago.”

“really, the movie?  not just the previews?”

“yup, the movie.” 

drat.  i will NOT go into a movie late.  so i went goodwill shopping and think i landed some pretty good finds, although i went against every fiber in my being and paid $8 for a sweater.   but i’m pretty sure it’s cashmere and the designer is jill stuart, so i think all-in-all, i got a fancy sweater for a song.  and another great shirt from “hazel,” which is very anthropologie-esque.  but also could make me look preggers.  but it’s detailed and i like it. 

so blah blah, killed a few hours in this money town, got back to the theater for the 4:15 showing and was the first one in the theater.  got a PERFECT seat, pretty close to the front, in a row of 6 across – i took the 3rd seat in.  and then people started to trickle in.  mind you, i prefer an empty-ish theater.  me and a couple other people, that’s it.  but i knew i was going to have to compromise as this was a later show, it being the first night showing a golden globe nominated movie in the area.  but i held my breath.  LOTS of people wandered in, more people than i like really, but finally the lights went dim and i still had the row to myself and no big heads in front of me.  and then wouldn’tchaknowit, WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT,  some last minute couple came in and sat RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  ewww.  and this couple was blocking another couple’s view in the row behind me.  i scooted down one seat.  and the the couple behind me scooted down.  and so then i scooted down another seat so they could have a clear view.  but i swear, I SWEAR, this stuff only happens to me.  there were PAH-LENTY of open seats.   seriously?  right next to me?  with your big fat down coat?  touching my arm?  ick.   

all was well in the end.  i enjoyed the movie, but i’m not sure if it’s my oscar winner.  i think i would’ve loved it more if it were a true story.  it’s brutal to sit through….i thought it was supposed to be a “feel-good” movie, but there’s a lot of “not-feel-so-good” to deal with to get to the “feel-good” part.  i think i liked the closing credits the best.  not because the movie was over – there’s a cute dance number at the end.  unexpected.  and i really do love the main character, jamal malik.  i love his ears.  he has obama ears.  and obama heart. 

and then stopped into another goodwill on the way home and SCORED some vintage vera cocktail napkins that aren’t christmas-themed per se, but are very christmasy.  anyway, i LOVE ’em, so i’m gonna chalk this day up to a good one.  dscf0250dscf0249

huh, pretty darn good, right?



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