23 12 2008

that pretty much sums up my past week.  it started off bad and snowballed into worse.  nothing horrible, but just aggravating and annoying and bad timing.  dscf0258

i’ve got “shovel arm.”  it’s kinda like carpal tunnel only 1000x worse.  10 seconds before this storm hit i went out to my car with a couple boxes to bring to goodwill.  and as luck would have it, my key would not turn in the ignition.  and i replaced the ignition cylinder just a couple years ago.  oh this car has brought me nothing but grief.  i think i am solely responsible for keeping ford from bankruptcy with my repair bills.  but whatev.  let’s get back to my arms.  i shoveled my car out of this mess for an hour and a half, only to have the plow come by and snow me right back in.  and so i shoveled some more the next morning.  and even more the morning after that.  and here is my car 4 days later being  taken back to the expensive ford doctor. dscf0260

the good news is i didn’t shovel today.  but my arms still ache like the dickens.  like, bad.  there’s no point to this story other than i want to complain about my sore arms. 

and while i’ve got snow on the brain, here are some thrifted flannel sheets i donned my bed with today, bought over the summer for $9.  they’re from target, brand-spankin’ new, kinda too “theme-y” for my taste, but i suppose they fit right in for winter and the way it came blasting in and hitting us right over the head.dscf0246


i’ll probably have snow nightmares.




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