31 01 2009

looked at the cutest (ok, well, potentially cutest) bungalow yesterday.  again, i’m drawn to the doorknobs.  dscf03601dscf03651


the kitchen – she could use a little help.  dscf03631                                                                            but at least it’s bright in there.  it’s bright in the whole house, really.  great windows.  good flow.  and a walk-up attic.  with plenty of storage.  she’s got all the elements i’m looking for in a house.  i think i’ll buy it. 

snagged a mid-century bureau in pretty decent shape for 35 clams as well.  it’ll look great in my new house rather than sitting right smack dab in my kitchen, as it is now.  dscf03671


revolutionary road

26 01 2009

another day.  another burnt potholder.  i catch more potholders on fire, i swear.  and i started a grease fire in my oven about a month ago.  rest assured, the batteries are still going strong in the smoke detector.dscf0357and darn.  i got all my xmas stuff put away and plum forgot about the xmas potholder.  ruined.  good thing i only pay a quarter for most things.   

i saw revolutionary road today.

let me give you the synopsis.  it’s about kate winslet smoking a cigarette. 

and really really great furniture. 

the end.


25 01 2009

so, probably like all of you out there, i have been in a mad search for a wool felt loop pillow.  i think i saw one on a crate and barrel website in ivory, and for the life of me, i couldn’t relocate it. you’ll be relieved to know i went to homegoods and found a charcoal gray one for $12 in the clearance bin!!!!!!!  not exactly the same as i had in my mind’s eye, but even better i think. 


here’s a close-up:

dscf0355huh?  huh?  not bad.

ok, so, what’s the story with the capital E jeans from levi’s?  i loves myself some levi’s.  and let’s face it, i love a good deal.  as i was filling up a big bag to take to goodwill, i threw in quite a few pairs of dated levi jeans, and just on a hunch i had looked them up on ebay to see if i was donating stuff that could be worth hundreds (i wasn’t.)  what i did see was “capital E levi’s.”   and then i read about the “capital E’s” and saw where there were probably 1000s of knock-offs.  although that may have been for “vintage capital E’s.”  i dunno, did i get a knock-off pair?

dscf0350cuz, that’s a wicked good deal, isn’t it?  they fit like the ever-popular “boyfriend” jeans.  HA.  good one.  boyfriend.    

they’re just missing that one key ingredient.  and that would be a “capital E” on the red tab.  mmm.  mine have a small e.  something ain’t right.  or is it?

showing #2

23 01 2009

my problem is i would buy a house based solely on a kitchen window.


or for the glass doorknobs everywhere:


or for the fancy ceilings:


just completely ignore the gobs and gobs of water damage and the gobs and gobs of cashola it would take to fix her up in working condition. 


this is just one example of ceiling water damage.  there’s tons more where this came from.  ahhh, to go and re-look at a house with realistic eyes.  it just sort of shatters the dream.  and i don’t even have pictures of the rusty pipes in the basement.  it was too painful.


22 01 2009





i can’t wait to take a photo of these babies around an actual dining room table or kitchen table.  now they just look like dumb photos i’d post on ebay trying to sell them.  and i ain’t selling.

my ass is cold.

20 01 2009



finally.  the nice guy finished first.

(this is a vintage zoo-line wood jointed donkey pin…kinda creepy, huh?  it is now my mainstay piece of jewelry for the next 8 years.  i love this guy – obama – not the donkey – and all he stands for, and i’m counting on his hope and optimism and change and goodwill and “yes we can” to keep me motivated and positive.)

tall order.

i was a blubbering mess during obama’s entire speech.  how do people hold it together?  as the cameras spanned the crowds, people weren’t crying the way i was crying….could it have been the celebratory mimosas?


19 01 2009

first and foremost, let me just tell you it’s snowing again.  i have become one with my shovel this winter.  this was my shoveling duty today – to shovel in between the 2 cars pictured in order to be able to park my car i left behind last night.  i will admit – my neighbor (who owns the house pictured across the street) took pity on me and helped me shovel out a space.  he’s seen me outside shoveling many a day and REALLY felt for me after seeing me shovel out a space only to have it taken by a neighbor when i left for work.  dscf0319

back in the fall i saw this handbag in the anthropologie catalog and WANTED IT.  i wasn’t about to pay over $300 for a pocketbook, though.  moseyed on down to  tj maxx and  found something very similar and when i checked the price tag, it was $229.99.  c’mon!!!!  tj maxx?!?!  really???

so i was back in tj’s today for the mandatory bath mat/pillowcase search, and lo and behold, my $229.99 pocketbook was now on sale for $119.00.  so i bought it.  i felt it was my duty to keep this economy strong.  but, seriously, i also heard you’re supposed to use your credit cards regularly and pay them off immediately in order to maintain a high credit standing.  so i bought this bag for the superior credit rating as well as keeping the economy strong.  anyway, she’s a cole haan and she’s a beauty.dscf0322

i’m such a name-dropper.  

p.s.  also scored in the bath mat/pillowcase search in case you were dying to know.