movie review

9 01 2009

gran torino.  didn’t love it.  i kinda felt uncomfortable sitting through a lot of it.  and it’s pretty predictable.  and some of the parts i think are supposed to be funny ain’t all that funny.  i chuckled a coupled times.  having said all that, i still liked the characters of the next door neighbor kids.  the end.

had a man in the apartment today.  cable guy.  such is my life.

and since i have no new pictures, here are some pictures of the upstairs of the foreclosure house i should buy.

staircase and hallway

staircase and hallway

bedroom looking into hallway

bedroom looking into hallway

another bedroom

another bedroom

what would suze orman do?  she’d probably say, “run for your life.”



3 responses

11 01 2009
Team LLD

WWSOD? (what would Suze Orman Do?)…I bet she’d say “BUY IT!” She’s a beaute!

11 01 2009

I like the house! That would keep you out of trouble.

11 01 2009

you notice i haven’t posted kitchen/bath photos. dreadful.

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