19 01 2009

first and foremost, let me just tell you it’s snowing again.  i have become one with my shovel this winter.  this was my shoveling duty today – to shovel in between the 2 cars pictured in order to be able to park my car i left behind last night.  i will admit – my neighbor (who owns the house pictured across the street) took pity on me and helped me shovel out a space.  he’s seen me outside shoveling many a day and REALLY felt for me after seeing me shovel out a space only to have it taken by a neighbor when i left for work.  dscf0319

back in the fall i saw this handbag in the anthropologie catalog and WANTED IT.  i wasn’t about to pay over $300 for a pocketbook, though.  moseyed on down to  tj maxx and  found something very similar and when i checked the price tag, it was $229.99.  c’mon!!!!  tj maxx?!?!  really???

so i was back in tj’s today for the mandatory bath mat/pillowcase search, and lo and behold, my $229.99 pocketbook was now on sale for $119.00.  so i bought it.  i felt it was my duty to keep this economy strong.  but, seriously, i also heard you’re supposed to use your credit cards regularly and pay them off immediately in order to maintain a high credit standing.  so i bought this bag for the superior credit rating as well as keeping the economy strong.  anyway, she’s a cole haan and she’s a beauty.dscf0322

i’m such a name-dropper.  

p.s.  also scored in the bath mat/pillowcase search in case you were dying to know.



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