25 01 2009

so, probably like all of you out there, i have been in a mad search for a wool felt loop pillow.  i think i saw one on a crate and barrel website in ivory, and for the life of me, i couldn’t relocate it. you’ll be relieved to know i went to homegoods and found a charcoal gray one for $12 in the clearance bin!!!!!!!  not exactly the same as i had in my mind’s eye, but even better i think. 


here’s a close-up:

dscf0355huh?  huh?  not bad.

ok, so, what’s the story with the capital E jeans from levi’s?  i loves myself some levi’s.  and let’s face it, i love a good deal.  as i was filling up a big bag to take to goodwill, i threw in quite a few pairs of dated levi jeans, and just on a hunch i had looked them up on ebay to see if i was donating stuff that could be worth hundreds (i wasn’t.)  what i did see was “capital E levi’s.”   and then i read about the “capital E’s” and saw where there were probably 1000s of knock-offs.  although that may have been for “vintage capital E’s.”  i dunno, did i get a knock-off pair?

dscf0350cuz, that’s a wicked good deal, isn’t it?  they fit like the ever-popular “boyfriend” jeans.  HA.  good one.  boyfriend.    

they’re just missing that one key ingredient.  and that would be a “capital E” on the red tab.  mmm.  mine have a small e.  something ain’t right.  or is it?




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