31 01 2009

looked at the cutest (ok, well, potentially cutest) bungalow yesterday.  again, i’m drawn to the doorknobs.  dscf03601dscf03651


the kitchen – she could use a little help.  dscf03631                                                                            but at least it’s bright in there.  it’s bright in the whole house, really.  great windows.  good flow.  and a walk-up attic.  with plenty of storage.  she’s got all the elements i’m looking for in a house.  i think i’ll buy it. 

snagged a mid-century bureau in pretty decent shape for 35 clams as well.  it’ll look great in my new house rather than sitting right smack dab in my kitchen, as it is now.  dscf03671



3 responses

31 01 2009
Team LLD

How did you get the bureau in the Focal?

31 01 2009

drawers came home w/me in 2 trips. good thing GW is 30 ft. away. legs are removable. back seat folds down. fit like a glove.
but bitch is HEAVY.

4 02 2009

That kitchen could be a candidate for fresh paint and new hardware – might make it look passable for a while.

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