in certain situations…

25 02 2009

…it’s nice to have someone in your life.  like, for example, when it comes to applying sunblock to your back.  i can never get good, complete coverage, so it’s nice to have another set of hands around.  and then there’s being sick.  i’ve been eating my words “i don’t get sick” since monday.  i got walloped with some kind of stomach ache/headache/exhaustion thing.  had someone delivered this tray to me while awakening from my third nap, i would’ve been so delighted.  but no, i had to drag my queasy butt to the grocery store to pick up some items i figured would be OK to eat.  i wanted soup and there aren’t many i can choose from.  so i got organic tomato.  and some rice crackers.  and some natural ginger ale.dscf0426_edited i did have a surprise mixed nuts delivery from a friend who pops in on occasion on monday nights.  i left a note on my door saying i was down for the count and would be napping HARD.  when i awoke later and went to the door to remove the note, lo and behold, mixed nuts.  not that they’re something to eat to settle the stomach, but i opened one of the cans and they were STALE.  stale nuts.  stale nuts home alone sick.  now that’s just sad.


oscar sunday

22 02 2009


drinking the champagne wearing the long black gloves and watching the oscars.   who isn’t?

upon further inspection…

21 02 2009

…of my newly acquired leather-encased thermos carry-all, i’ve discovered it could actually be:  1.) vinyl  and  2.) only used to carry cold beverages and not the hot spiced wine i was prepared to use it for. 


but it could be leather.dscf0415  dscf0416                                                                                                          good thing i’m that girl scout i was braggin’ on.  cuz i’ve got the fiesta thermos for the hot spiced wine.  this thing – this can be my sangria carry-all.  or my margarita carry-all.  this will be my hot spiced wine thermos:dscf0418_edited                                                                                                                                                        and here’s a close-up of my staffordshire potteries coffee mug in action this morning:                                                                                                             dscf0413_edited                     it’s a fact coffee tastes better in a cup with a great graphic pattern.  fact.

today’s theme: enamel

20 02 2009

work has left me too busy to cry in my coffee over losing that craftsman house.  and so has thrifting.  after working this morning, i hit a few thrift stores and racked up some good enamelware stuff (amongst other things.)dscf0407

a couple finel saucepans, they’re the ones in the background, the red pot and the smaller white one.  and then i picked up a few of these little enamelware ladle pourer-thingies.  i’ve seen them featured everywhere in magazines and design blogs and i already have a little blue one, but i figured i’d konk myself on the head if i didn’t pick these up today, so i did. dscf0411 this is everything i scored today.  some days are better than others.  20 items.  23 bucks.  teak trays, another white tray, melamine utensils, pyrex decanter, vintage linen placemats, an ikea pillowcase, vintage entertaining book, “he” “she” glasses, mini martini pitcher, apilco french porcelain serving dish, and a staffordshire potteries cool coffee mug.  and then this leather-encased thermos/decanter contraption.  perfect for transporting the hot spiced wine, in those times when the transporting of hot spiced wine is absolutely necessary.  always the girl scout.  always prepared.

i lost my mojo

18 02 2009

dscf0405ok, i’m officially bummed out.  bank accepted another offer on MY house.  rats.  back to the drawing board.  i’m too exhausted right now to even be disappointed.  no, that’s a lie.  i’m disappointed.  just not OVERLY disappointed.  that would take too much energy.  working a couple back-to-back double shifts and it’s sucking the life force out of me.  and i’m only on day 1.  i’ll regroup and refocus next week.  til then, i’m gonna get some much needed shut-eye.

house mojo

17 02 2009

dscf0397i’m putting out the good “house mojo” vibes…..surrounding myself with all things HOUSE.  super adorable vintage snack plate and coffee cup.dscf0398_edited

awesome handmade in norway house plate:dscf0402

yes, goodwill, yes $2.

continuing on with the $2 goodwill norwegian house theme, some hand-painted houses on pure silk by linda halland (norwegian artist):dscf0396_edited

and not norwegian (i’m pretty sure,) but just a lovely hand painted snowy winter house scene:dscf0401_edited

real estate agent emailed to say she’d heard nothing and that things move very, very slowly in the  foreclosure business.  no news is good news???

obama text’d me last night to say he was signing the stimulus bill today and wished me luck in my house buying attempt and that there’d be an $8000 tax break for 1st time home buyers in the bill.  so thoughtful.

ceiling update

16 02 2009

or should i say, “lack of ceiling update?”dscf0393

landlord came in last night while i was at work to do some investigating.  he thinks he’s got the problem fixed.  so far, so good today.  i haven’t needed the galoshes.  nor the umbrella.

i still managed to crank out some allergy-free blueberry muffins in my peek-a-boo ceiling kitchen.  dscf0390


ho-hum post today, but i’m WIPED OUT from a busy holiday weekend of work and that’s all i can muster.  zzzzzzzzz.