miss me?

9 02 2009

i’ve been busy trying to buy this house:dscf0372


good, right?  ok, so it has vinyl or aluminum or whatever siding.  something i’d rather not have, but it’s got everything else i desire in a home, except for a cute handyman.  but i digress.  has the fireplace, has the 1.5 bathrooms, has a dining room (because i’m such a formal dining room kinda gal, yah right,) has the garage.dscf0376


pay no mind to that toppled over fence.  a few nails and a glue gun can fix that, right?   *bonus*  i can practice my hook shot .  also has an AWESOME front porch from which to sip margaritas in the summertime.  dscf0373                                                  speaking of margaritas, found this vintage reamer in perfecto condition at goodwill for 2 bucks.  and she’s pretty.  it’ll make for some fine fresh lime juice squeezing for the perfect margaritas…dscf03711
front door with “letters” slot, LOVE.dscf0377   
putting offer in tomorrow.  fingers crossed, people, fingers crossed.                                                                                    



One response

15 02 2009

LOVE this house. LOVE the front door. Awesome!

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