today’s theme: nautical

13 02 2009

in an attempt to tidy up my surroundings, i opted to invest in a self-storage unit.  ugh.  what a waste of money.  but my apartment has grown so small with all the STUFF i’ve accumulated to furnish a house – i just couldn’t take it anymore.  the cramped quarters.  while digging through the heaps and heaps of artwork i’ve collected i came across this really well-done vintage paint-by-number.  i have no recollection of buying it.  totally forgot.  dscf03791

my picture taking skills don’t do the colors justice.  there really are some beautiful blues and greys.  so pretty.  well worth the $1.50.  and then there’s this:dscf03801

 a 1964 signed curtis jere brass sailboat.  do you see why i need to buy this house?  i need walls.  i need walls i can pound nails into.  i need to hang stuff up.  i can’t be living in an apartment with oh-so-precious plaster walls where i can only use 3M sticky wall hooks.  i need nails.  i need real hooks.  i need real walls.

might as well throw this into the nautical mix as well.  no boat.  just a bridge.  dscf0383_edited2

dscf03821this thing is HUGE.  spans the length of a couch.  so retro.  i forked out 25 smackeroos for this beauty.  and it’s just sitting there collecting dust.  tragic.

*and wouldn’tchaknowit?  since i picked the theme of the day to be “nautical,” it makes sense my upstairs neighbors would have a water leak of some sort causing a flood to come pouring through my kitchen ceiling.  BAIL.

friday the 13th… just sort of sneaks up on you.  if it’s not one thing, it’s a flood.




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