when it rains…

15 02 2009

…it pours.

in my kitchen.

despite my landlord stopping by yesterday and having the upstairs neighbors run their water with no further leaking, this morning i repositioned everything back in its place, meaning the kitchen table, chairs, etc. and of course, OF COURSE the ceiling let loose again. 

my leaky ceiling

my leaky ceiling

 i just don’t have TIME for this stuff right now.  well, who does, really?  i’m just slamming busy and i’ve got everything timed right out and ugh – now i’m going to have to have my ceiling replaced and have strangers in my house ripping stuff apart.  ewww.  i just RELISH my privacy and i’ll have to give that up for a spell.     

in between trips to my storage space and a drop-off at goodwill yesterday, i picked up this cutting board/cheese tray/trivet/paddle? thing for 50¢.  love the graphics.  it’s got the oranges and reds and sort of looks like a heart (and sort of looks like something else,) fitting for valentine’s day. dscf0387

you can figure out what the “something else” is, right?

*UPDATE* – with a little internet sleuthing, apparently this tile is a marianne westman design, the “eden” collection for rorstrand.  oh how i love a find.




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