today’s theme: enamel

20 02 2009

work has left me too busy to cry in my coffee over losing that craftsman house.  and so has thrifting.  after working this morning, i hit a few thrift stores and racked up some good enamelware stuff (amongst other things.)dscf0407

a couple finel saucepans, they’re the ones in the background, the red pot and the smaller white one.  and then i picked up a few of these little enamelware ladle pourer-thingies.  i’ve seen them featured everywhere in magazines and design blogs and i already have a little blue one, but i figured i’d konk myself on the head if i didn’t pick these up today, so i did. dscf0411 this is everything i scored today.  some days are better than others.  20 items.  23 bucks.  teak trays, another white tray, melamine utensils, pyrex decanter, vintage linen placemats, an ikea pillowcase, vintage entertaining book, “he” “she” glasses, mini martini pitcher, apilco french porcelain serving dish, and a staffordshire potteries cool coffee mug.  and then this leather-encased thermos/decanter contraption.  perfect for transporting the hot spiced wine, in those times when the transporting of hot spiced wine is absolutely necessary.  always the girl scout.  always prepared.




One response

22 02 2009

I’m a little worried that you are filling up your newly made free space with more stuff. Be careful.

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