in certain situations…

25 02 2009

…it’s nice to have someone in your life.  like, for example, when it comes to applying sunblock to your back.  i can never get good, complete coverage, so it’s nice to have another set of hands around.  and then there’s being sick.  i’ve been eating my words “i don’t get sick” since monday.  i got walloped with some kind of stomach ache/headache/exhaustion thing.  had someone delivered this tray to me while awakening from my third nap, i would’ve been so delighted.  but no, i had to drag my queasy butt to the grocery store to pick up some items i figured would be OK to eat.  i wanted soup and there aren’t many i can choose from.  so i got organic tomato.  and some rice crackers.  and some natural ginger ale.dscf0426_edited i did have a surprise mixed nuts delivery from a friend who pops in on occasion on monday nights.  i left a note on my door saying i was down for the count and would be napping HARD.  when i awoke later and went to the door to remove the note, lo and behold, mixed nuts.  not that they’re something to eat to settle the stomach, but i opened one of the cans and they were STALE.  stale nuts.  stale nuts home alone sick.  now that’s just sad.



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27 02 2009

Them looks like some good snackin’!

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