out like a…

31 03 2009

dscf0485_editedwell, you know.

today was absolutely gorgeous out there.  just about mid-60°s and sunny as far as the eye could see while i was out running errands.  and just like another old adage, tomorrow we’re due for rain, rain and more rain…april showers bring….

well, you know.

the lonely, only flower outside my apartment house

the lonely, only flower outside my apartment house

now the temps are falling fast and that raw chill is settling in again.  spring, man, you’re just like my moods.  hot cold hot cold cold cold cold cold cold.



27 03 2009

at last.  today was filled with sunny skies and warm(ish) weather.  a nice respite from the raw temps we can’t seem to shake. 

saw “sunshine cleaning” today because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when the weather is glorious?  go indoors and watch a matinee?   anyway, all i can say is, “it’s about time.”  i’ve seen a couple STINKER movies lately and i was craving a real movie with real characters.  this one fit my bill.  not for everyone, maybe, but i enjoyed it. 

the sun was still shining when i came out of the theater and i, of course, headed indoors again.  yes, to the thrift stores.  snagged another amazing vintage decorating book – one that is certain to help me with my imaginary interior design degree.  “the apartment book.”  1979.dscf0483dscf0479dscf0480dscf0482dscf0481 i’ve got an orange pendant lamp just like that yellow one in the picture above dying to be installed in a ceiling somewhere.  i’ve also got a couple of those thonet bentwood armchairs (2 pics above) dying to be utilized in a house with more space.  the house hunt continues on….

speaking of orange lamps, i’m pretty sure this is amazing.  (?)  it’s a vintage lightolier, missing a globe?  missing a shade?  great tulip shape.  a steal at $4. dscf0478_editedi think.

breakfast o champs

21 03 2009

carbed up, proteined up, veggied up and ready to face the ever interesting massage clientele crowd this weekend.dscf0472_edited

or could it be i’m ready to face the casino clientele due to the fact i myself RECEIVED an impromptu, amazingly thorough arms, pecs, and neck massage last night after a visit to a fellow massage therapist’s home where she conveniently has a table already set up and i conveniently fell onto the table???  and lemme tell ya’ –  i was OVERDUE.  the pins and needles tingling had crept back into my arms and i needed relief.  and YAY!  i got it. 

bring ’em on!

spring birds

20 03 2009



today is officially spring.  40° (with a “feels like” temperature of 33°) does not a spring make.

i will remain optimistic while my ass remains frozen.

not a bottle opener, nor a corkscrew

17 03 2009


this is just a vintage japanese kokeshi doll that took a swan dive off my TV set and lost its head.   no secret bottle opener here (see yesterday.)dscf0473_edited

happy st. patrick’s day.

well, maybe not for this guy.


16 03 2009

dscf0463i was just cruisin’ the shop of “h is for home” when i came across this corkscrew.  then i thought to myself, “wait a minute, wait a minute, i’ve got something similar to this….”  i thought mine was just a bottle opener.  and i’ll be darned.  it’s a corkscrew as well.  and i never knew it.  oh, it’s the little things in life…….dscf0464_edited

awhile back, the exact same thing happened to me with a little viking figurine i had.  just thought it was a wooden viking.dscf0465

turns out it’s a cleverly disguised bottle opener.  and i had no clue.dscf0466

who knew? 

you need a bottle opened?  in style?  i’m your gal. 

this kind of stuff cracks me up.  obviously i’m easily entertained.


13 03 2009

dscf0448a buck.




and by a buck, i mean one dollar.