the argument for vinyl siding

10 03 2009

one thing on the list for my house buying requirements is “no vinyl siding, no aluminum siding.”  give me wood, give me brick, give me wood shingles, heck, give me asbestos shingles.  on the whole ‘nuther side of the spectrum, i have a friend whose husband was adamant about NO WOOD SIDING when shopping for a house.  the reason?  woodpeckers.  he may have a solid argument.  case in point:dscf0444this is a drive-by house for sale i stopped and looked at today.  that line of black dots along the side of the garage is HOLES.  they look to me to be woodpecker holes.  too big to be bullet holes, right?  who knew woodpeckers liked their holes in such a nice line like that?  oh those tidy, neat woodpeckers.  dscf0444_editedi’m keeping my eyes peeled for a brick house.



2 responses

11 03 2009

Some one keeps closing the garage door!

16 11 2011

they are sapsucker holes, meaning that the wood the garage is made from had some form of sweet attractant

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