the house book

12 03 2009


will ya look at that.  previously i mentioned i was keeping my eyes peeled for a brick house.  ask for a brick house – get a brick house.  a brick house book.  ok, talk about a book CHOCK FULL of fantastic pictures and fantastic information.  if i read all 448 pages of this book by terence conran, circa 1974 and studied the pictures of all these european homes, it would qualify me as a certified interior designer.  in my mind anyway.  so much of it is so relevant for today’s decor.  what a fun find.  it is my new bible.  got this at the same goodwill as my saarinen executive chair (see yesterday.) 

and how ’bout that teapot?  great flowers, huh?  could’ve used it last week when i was suffering from the stomach aches and only drinking tea and more tea.  scored this the same day in yet another thrift store after a trip to the dentist.  somehow the dentist brings me good thrifting luck.

here’s a couple more random pages from the book.  this will keep me occupado for a little while…





2 responses

10 12 2010

Hey there–I have a ton of these old Terence Conran books. I love my House book–apparently he did another more “up-to-date” version. I love the groovy one where the entire room is a plush sofa/entertainment/media room equipped with projector and naked lady–classic. You don’t see that in books anymore…It’s almost like design books are trying to get away from looking like art these days–such a shame! Anyhoo–great blog–fun stuff!

10 12 2010
fries in a cone

ahhhh yes – your comment prompted me to have a re-look at the book and by gawd, this book IS brilliance. so so so so so many outstanding photographs and indeed, the mosh pit/love pit room is the way life should be lived. saucy!

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