breakfast o champs

21 03 2009

carbed up, proteined up, veggied up and ready to face the ever interesting massage clientele crowd this weekend.dscf0472_edited

or could it be i’m ready to face the casino clientele due to the fact i myself RECEIVED an impromptu, amazingly thorough arms, pecs, and neck massage last night after a visit to a fellow massage therapist’s home where she conveniently has a table already set up and i conveniently fell onto the table???  and lemme tell ya’ –  i was OVERDUE.  the pins and needles tingling had crept back into my arms and i needed relief.  and YAY!  i got it. 

bring ’em on!



4 responses

24 03 2009

that food looks amazingly good!

24 03 2009

now you see why i need to buy the crooked house w/2 stoves. cook cook cook. it’s all i do.

24 03 2009

Good Luck!

25 03 2009
Team LLD

How do you spell tingling arms relief? An LLD Impromptu Massage! Glad to oblige. Glad it helped. Come back soon!

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