sprucing up

28 04 2009
view from my back porch

view from my back porch

when you live in the ghetto, you become the ghetto.

i decided to spruce things up where i could, namely my back porch.dscf0545

i left my chairs and table out all winter long because, well, because i did.  nowhere to store them really.  and boy, have they faded.  dscf0546

i decided to restain the chairs and liven up the porch a little.  make it a little more cozy.  got some “fruit punch” stain, which i thought would be a little more pinkish, but kinda just came out red.  which is fine.  anything is better than faded dull grey.  dscf0550

bought a few flowers and even though i still live in the ghetto, my view is a little brighter.  and by brighter, i mean blocked.dscf0554dscf0549

only trouble is – i absolutely wrenched my back.  jacked it up BAD.  the sanding, the staining, the bending over, the bad body positioning.  and on top of this, i did a massage later on and that’s when the trouble started to set in.  i’m walking like a little old man and it ain’t pretty.  haven’t had a cocktail in over a week now, but decided it would be the best muscle relaxer, purely medicinal.  dscf0557

great view.


brick wall

21 04 2009

dscf05101i’ve come up against a brick wall trying to increase the amount of money i qualify for when it comes to a mortgage.  in the meantime, my little dream house dropped its price AGAIN.  i’m so close.  so close.  quite frankly, i’m not sure why this little gem of a home hasn’t been scooped up yet.  meeting with a new mortgage dude later on this week.  maybe he’ll be so dazzled and mesmorized with me, he’ll just accidentally throw money my way and have no idea why.

ha.  good one. 

(this is the white painted brick chimney in the kitchen in the house i don’t own.  love it.)

cropped harems

13 04 2009


will ya look at the veins in that hand?


10 04 2009

so – i was looking for an inexpensive rug that would add some *kapow* to my living room.  something with bold graphics.  ordered this from urban outfitters because:  1.)  it was cheap.  $30 for a 5 x 7.     and  2.)  thought it was black and white (which is exactly what i was looking for.)

made sure to read and re-read the description on-line and when there was no color mentioned, i assumed it was black and white.  i assumed wrong.  ugh – it’s so disappointing when you open your package from the UPS man and it’s not what you envisioned.  when i went back to the urban outfitters website, i saw where their smaller version of this rug stated chocolate brown as the color, but since this was not the size i ordered, i hadn’t bothered to read its description.  anyway, it’s not what i wanted, but it certainly packs the visual punch, huh?dscf0519_editedwouldn’t this have been great in black and white?  oh well.  i’ll return this one and keep looking. 

speaking of disappointment, i received a counter-offer today on my lowball offer yesterday.  but since my lowball offer was the highest i could go, i can’t counter the counter.  i knew i was out of my league, but i was a-hopin’ baby, i was a-hopin’.  time to get realistic and start scanning the trailer parks for those “for-sale” signs.  oh dear.

i’m going to be one with my couch now (and my off-color rug) and watch my netflix movie, “happy-go-lucky.”  maybe her optimistic mood will rub off…

deja vu all over again

9 04 2009

so – again – another unexpected day off from work.  and this one really, truly was unexpected.  i thought i had a couple massages previously booked, but oh well, apparently i don’t anymore. 

and so, what does a reasonable, level-headed gal do when she’s not earning any money?  she puts an offer in on a non-level house with 2 stoves and no fridge in the kitchen (there is a fridge in the basement.  convenient.)   yup, re-looked at a house today, and i dunno, the sun was shining, the outdoor patio was warm and cozy, the floors didn’t seem as slanty and uneven to me.  i fell in love with it. out of all the zillion houses i’ve looked at, this one is the cleanest and nicest smelling.  and the ‘hood is definitely the safest and nicest.  i’d almost venture to say i’m not worthy of the ‘hood , but OF COURSE i’m worthy of the ‘hood.  i’ll bring a je ne sais quoi to this side of town.  this house is the classic scenario of “worst house in the best neighborhood.”  and i’m sure the neighbors are shakin’ in their boots.

here’s a preview of the house i don’t own yet.  obviously i will need a sickle.  and a rake.  i give you – the backyard:

part of the backyard.  many, many levels.  with many, many weeds.

part of the backyard. many, many levels. with many, many weeds.

view from the patio of the greenhouse.  ok, that just makes me laugh.  my 5 plants will be so excited.  a room of their own!!!

greenhouse, view from backyard patio

greenhouse, view from backyard patio

inside the greenhouse.  martha would be proud.

inside the greenhouse. martha would be proud.

here’s that other thing that makes me laugh.  the kitchen with 2 stoves.  i can heat up 8 varieties of soup ALL AT ONCE, PEOPLE. impressed?

2 stoves in the kitchen

2 stoves in the kitchen

and floors in the living room (ok, they’re not perfect, but they’re LOADED with charm:)

living room floor

living room floor

my camera battery died shortly thereafter.   

one last pic of the harry potter closet beneath the stairway (i have no idea what that means since i haven’t read any harry potter books, but my real estate agent pointed out this fact, so that’s what i’m calling it, the harry potter closet.)

harry potter closet beneath the staircase

harry potter closet beneath the staircase

despite my new found love for this quirky, crooked house, the offer i put in was relatively low – chances are it won’t be mine.  my only hope is another person or family won’t be thrilled with this house’s seeming drawbacks.  like, zero front yard.  the house literally sits right on the road.  but it’s not on a highway, so who cares?  no front yard means no mowing.  and the garage (2-car, btw) is on a whole ‘nuther street (up all the many, many, MANY levels of the backyard.)  i choose to look at this as a great quad and butt workout.  this house appeals to me ‘cuz it’s so different.  who wants a garage right by your house?  who wants a fridge in the kitchen?  that’s so OBVIOUS.  am i right?  huh?  huh?  am i?

party of one

8 04 2009

dscf0501today was an unexpected day off from work (a little gift from heaven) and i got a lot of piddly stuff done.  and what’s better than that?  dscf0500_editedand now i’m celebrating with a little party.  ok, i realize this might not look appetizing to most.  but trust.  just because we’re nearing easter, that is not a plate full of rabbit droppings.  nor baby droppings for that matter.  it’s black beans, brown rice and green salsa.  with chips of course.  and a margarita to wash it all down.   despite the lagging economy and the absence of work, give me an extra day off and i’m happy as a clam.

pink and yellow

3 04 2009


i got my taxes done today (yay!  phew!)  and my tax lady was the nicest woman ever (bonus.)  it was (still is) the miserablest of days out there – rain, fog, wind, ick (but at least we’re not in the midst of a blizzard, which is what i hear my friends in colorado are experiencing at the moment.)  picked up the above still life painting at a thrift store this afternoon.  for some strange reason i was drawn to the colors…i just don’t think i’ve seen the pinks and yellows in the old paintings that often.  and then a thought struck me.  maybe i was drawn to it because it matched my outfit.dscf0491_edited