10 04 2009

so – i was looking for an inexpensive rug that would add some *kapow* to my living room.  something with bold graphics.  ordered this from urban outfitters because:  1.)  it was cheap.  $30 for a 5 x 7.     and  2.)  thought it was black and white (which is exactly what i was looking for.)

made sure to read and re-read the description on-line and when there was no color mentioned, i assumed it was black and white.  i assumed wrong.  ugh – it’s so disappointing when you open your package from the UPS man and it’s not what you envisioned.  when i went back to the urban outfitters website, i saw where their smaller version of this rug stated chocolate brown as the color, but since this was not the size i ordered, i hadn’t bothered to read its description.  anyway, it’s not what i wanted, but it certainly packs the visual punch, huh?dscf0519_editedwouldn’t this have been great in black and white?  oh well.  i’ll return this one and keep looking. 

speaking of disappointment, i received a counter-offer today on my lowball offer yesterday.  but since my lowball offer was the highest i could go, i can’t counter the counter.  i knew i was out of my league, but i was a-hopin’ baby, i was a-hopin’.  time to get realistic and start scanning the trailer parks for those “for-sale” signs.  oh dear.

i’m going to be one with my couch now (and my off-color rug) and watch my netflix movie, “happy-go-lucky.”  maybe her optimistic mood will rub off…




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