sprucing up

28 04 2009
view from my back porch

view from my back porch

when you live in the ghetto, you become the ghetto.

i decided to spruce things up where i could, namely my back porch.dscf0545

i left my chairs and table out all winter long because, well, because i did.  nowhere to store them really.  and boy, have they faded.  dscf0546

i decided to restain the chairs and liven up the porch a little.  make it a little more cozy.  got some “fruit punch” stain, which i thought would be a little more pinkish, but kinda just came out red.  which is fine.  anything is better than faded dull grey.  dscf0550

bought a few flowers and even though i still live in the ghetto, my view is a little brighter.  and by brighter, i mean blocked.dscf0554dscf0549

only trouble is – i absolutely wrenched my back.  jacked it up BAD.  the sanding, the staining, the bending over, the bad body positioning.  and on top of this, i did a massage later on and that’s when the trouble started to set in.  i’m walking like a little old man and it ain’t pretty.  haven’t had a cocktail in over a week now, but decided it would be the best muscle relaxer, purely medicinal.  dscf0557

great view.




One response

6 05 2009

Chairs look great!

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