29 05 2009

so, i haven’t spent any money, REAL money, on anything in, oh i dunno – forEVER.  and because i’m still crying over spilt milk, i.e. the house they wouldn’t sell me, and because there is NOTHING out there even remotely affordable in a safe neighborhood, i’ve decided to spend money on other stuff.  might as well make my current surroundings better.  as soon as i got the dreadful news about the bank not wanting to deal with an FHA loan, i bought a bed frame from west elm.  it was on sale.  woodbedfrme_white_F08_080828095203_ViewInColor_heroand then i bought a rug at anthropologie.  it was on sale. DSCF0630 i bought it for my bedroom, but think i’ll throw it in my living room for now.  DSCF0622also took out my lazy susan heywood wakefield coffee table and replaced it with the norway tray table.  it’s smaller and makes the space more roomy.  and it’s WAY LIGHTER to move when i’m doing my mad abs/weights/yoga/for-the-love-of-god-fight-that-aging-thing-at-all-costs workout routine. 

and then i bid on something i certainly don’t need on ebay, cloth cocktail napkins, and i won.  the napkins were hardly a big ticket item, though.  they had a rooster design on ’em and i thought my rooster martini glasses would look nice with a rug underneath ’em.DSCF0628and they do, right?

i’m doing my bit to save this economy and i would really really really like to do more, like, BUY A HOUSE, but cripe.  what more can i do?


yah, whatever.

26 05 2009

yah, i’m still here.  but the wind is out of my sails, the air is out of my balloon, i’m defeated, i’m deflated, i’m losing the fight to find myself a dream dump house.   today i drove by a very cheap bungalow that is beyond adorable and would look great beachside.  unfortunately, it’s nestled in amongst another not-so-great neighborhood and i can’t bring myself to make a lateral move.  unsafe to unsafe.  i’ve spent countless hours online trying to find something….it’s just not there right now.  DSCF0615

i don’t even feel like thrifting (i know!) but did manage to pick up this little gem for 99¢.  a mini handmade pottery ashtray, signed on the back.  i’m guessing that’s a llama (signature appears to be spanish.)  or a dog?  either way, it’s cute as heck.  makes me want to take up smoking.  but i’ll just stick to the cocktail.  tonight i’m multi-cultural.  drinking my favorite mexican libation in a vintage french glass.  DSCF0617

and while i’m in complain-mood…is this the coldest may on record?  i’d like to place a wager, please.  ’cause i’m still wearing fleece.  like,  fleece on fleece.  with fleece socks.  and that ain’t cool, man.  it’s almost JUNE.

can i please catch a break?

19 05 2009

like, ever?

for whatever reason, some mysterious asset manager in the real estate world doesn’t want to deal with me and my government financing, and despite me being the only one to bid on my dream house for about a month, they’ve reneged on their offer.  they’d rather have this house go to auction than give it to me.  i even agreed to no repairs.  i just can’t catch a break.  again, i’m blaming mercury retrograde.DSCF0611 great table, right?  received this in the mail today and it temporarily quieted my tears.  it’s a foldable teak tray table, made in norway and i LOVE it.  if i only had a house to put it in. 

 also found a matched set of six of these:DSCF0613

i know.  cute.  i’ll be drinking from all six myself  tonight to ease my heartbreak. 

how many times can i say “back to the drawing board?”  i am SICK of the drawing board. 

pity party.  table for one.

baked beans

18 05 2009

just got home from a mini quick trip to maine.  and one thing (of many) i associate maine with is baked beans –  a traditional maine supper i never really liked.  like, ever.  but i still associate maine with the baked bean supper.  and the word “supper.”  i associate maine with the word “supper” as well.  anyway, as i was leaving the state, i made a quick left into a local salvation army and picked up an original painting of baked beans.  baked beans and oranges.  the oranges have me a little bewildered as i don’t believe there was ever a baked beans and orange supper in my household, but whatever…i’m open to it.  and how can you go wrong with a $4 baked bean and oranges painting? DSCF0605

 you just can’t.

by the way…

17 05 2009

it was a long winter.DSCF0573


11 05 2009


i miss pizza.  like, it’s probably the number one thing i miss most since i acquired all my food allergies.  that and tortilla chips.  oh how i miss the corn chips.  tonight i whipped up a wheat-free pizza crust (from a mix,) topped it with some organic tomato sauce, shrimp, fresh jalapenos, and pineapple.  no cheese, of course, due to the dairy allergy.  looks good, right?DSCF0585


wish i could say it tasted good. 

more like a thick cracker. 

with sauce. 

can’t win ’em all.

i’m twelve.

8 05 2009


‘cuz that street name cracks me up. 

i pretty much accepted the counter offer the bank offered me on the house i’ve been trying to buy, only i asked they repair a wall.  one little itty bitty stinkin’ piece of a wall.  and if by some chance i happen to get this house after ALL THE HOUSE HUNTING i’ve been doing, well then, i’ll drive by that street sign every day.  and that’s just PERFECT.

doesn’t this patio just remind you of france?  or italy?  or some place where there’s overgrown ivy?  maybe it’s from my days at harvard i’m thinking of.   oh wait, i didn’t go to harvard.  and that’s why i live in the ghetto.  oh yah, that’s right.   DSCF0574

i ventured back to the house today to see if i really liked it.  and i just kinda do.  it suits me.  not overly big.  not overly pretty.  kind of goldilocks-just-right.  at a decent price.  in the crème de la crème of neighborhoods.  DSCF0579seriously, though, it’s a jungle back there.  i will definitely be throwing a “bring-your-own-machete” party.DSCF0576this is a random tulip behind the garage.  i’m a sucker for a tulip.  especially a random tulip.