goodbye april showers, hello may showers

1 05 2009

it’s fairly cruddy outside today – rain and wind and blech.   nothing like a goodwill GRAND OPENING to add warmth to this otherwise dreary day.dscf05591

it’s a pretty darn nice store as far as goodwills go.  no smell yet.  very pleasant.  i picked up a few items –dscf05601

what’s in the red case, you ask?


are ya dying???


ok, so maybe they add 10 years to an already aging face, but dag, they’re awesome. 

and check out this cute, hand-embroidered vintage linen tablecloth.  got this at another goodwill earlier in the week. dscf05611 i swear – thrifting is my sole form of meditation.  eases all my stress.  and i’m under a big cloud of house-buying stress at the moment.  thank goodness this new store is a stone’s throw away from my realtor’s office. 




4 responses

2 05 2009
lori cote

green with envy

2 05 2009

i’ll be on the lookout for a pair for you…

3 05 2009

Nice stuff! Where do you put it all? Hows the house bid saga? Hope you get it.. that will give ot an outlet for your creative spirit and a place to put all? some? of your treaures. Where is it?

4 05 2009

most everything’s in storage. sadness. i HAVE to get a house STAT or i’ll just suffocate here in the ghetto.

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