i’m twelve.

8 05 2009


‘cuz that street name cracks me up. 

i pretty much accepted the counter offer the bank offered me on the house i’ve been trying to buy, only i asked they repair a wall.  one little itty bitty stinkin’ piece of a wall.  and if by some chance i happen to get this house after ALL THE HOUSE HUNTING i’ve been doing, well then, i’ll drive by that street sign every day.  and that’s just PERFECT.

doesn’t this patio just remind you of france?  or italy?  or some place where there’s overgrown ivy?  maybe it’s from my days at harvard i’m thinking of.   oh wait, i didn’t go to harvard.  and that’s why i live in the ghetto.  oh yah, that’s right.   DSCF0574

i ventured back to the house today to see if i really liked it.  and i just kinda do.  it suits me.  not overly big.  not overly pretty.  kind of goldilocks-just-right.  at a decent price.  in the crème de la crème of neighborhoods.  DSCF0579seriously, though, it’s a jungle back there.  i will definitely be throwing a “bring-your-own-machete” party.DSCF0576this is a random tulip behind the garage.  i’m a sucker for a tulip.  especially a random tulip.



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