baked beans

18 05 2009

just got home from a mini quick trip to maine.  and one thing (of many) i associate maine with is baked beans –  a traditional maine supper i never really liked.  like, ever.  but i still associate maine with the baked bean supper.  and the word “supper.”  i associate maine with the word “supper” as well.  anyway, as i was leaving the state, i made a quick left into a local salvation army and picked up an original painting of baked beans.  baked beans and oranges.  the oranges have me a little bewildered as i don’t believe there was ever a baked beans and orange supper in my household, but whatever…i’m open to it.  and how can you go wrong with a $4 baked bean and oranges painting? DSCF0605

 you just can’t.



One response

19 05 2009

hey there, looks like something Ag would have painted…she’s still painting..she’s the star pupil in art class at her new place…….well I just got caught up – read Feb through May and got a lots of LOLs, thank you, needed that………i’ll be there with a rake if you get the uneven backyard oasis………

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