can i please catch a break?

19 05 2009

like, ever?

for whatever reason, some mysterious asset manager in the real estate world doesn’t want to deal with me and my government financing, and despite me being the only one to bid on my dream house for about a month, they’ve reneged on their offer.  they’d rather have this house go to auction than give it to me.  i even agreed to no repairs.  i just can’t catch a break.  again, i’m blaming mercury retrograde.DSCF0611 great table, right?  received this in the mail today and it temporarily quieted my tears.  it’s a foldable teak tray table, made in norway and i LOVE it.  if i only had a house to put it in. 

 also found a matched set of six of these:DSCF0613

i know.  cute.  i’ll be drinking from all six myself  tonight to ease my heartbreak. 

how many times can i say “back to the drawing board?”  i am SICK of the drawing board. 

pity party.  table for one.



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